Helping introverts Shine

Introvert Media Lab is a portfolio of services that supports introverts in reaching their dreams in an extroverted world.

What we do

Our goal is to support introverts in multiple ways so they can live life on their terms. We focus on helping introverts create space and time to recharge.

Get Your Podcast Started

Online Summits, courses, accountability and support in getting your podcast up and running with minimum overwhelm.

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The Traveling Introvert

The weekly podcast about doing business and traveling as an introvert!

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The Career Introvert

Career and business coaching for introverts. Helping you build your brand and get hired.

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Introvert Insight

To celebrate International Women’s Day, this book features Janice’s interviews with some extremely successful women who not only use their introverted nature to their advantage but also champion others to do the same.

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Automated content creation service for podcasters. Helping you fill up your social media calendar.

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Event for Introverts

This book is a concise guide to navigating events as an introvert. Introvert or extrovert, we all need support and connections with our peers to build success.

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