Virtual Summits 

The new way to network for your business

Let us be your summit sidekick

Are you overwhelmed with all the things you need to do for your virtual event?

You know this event could change your business but you are just not sure about all the moving parts and you don’t want to miss something.

Ask any online event organizer what they struggle with the most , and they nearly always say it’s technology (aside from managing the long list of tasks).

From not knowing what software to use to not understanding how they work to fighting to connect them with each other, tech is the one thing that holds most people back from hosting a virtual summit.

Not to mention, you have a long list of tasks, from coordinating with guest speakers, scheduling emails, and a whole lot more.


The good news is, my team can be your summit sidekick and can help you create and run your virtual summit from A-Z!

Summit Sidekick packages start from $3000 USD

Summits to Grow Your Brand

If you are looking to network with thought leaders and build relationships then reaching out and having people you admire on your summit is the way to go. Not only do you get to grow your network but you give your followers access to a wider range of people.

Summits to Launch a Product

Running a summit to help launch a new product is a great way to build word of mouth. Showing that you are an expert in the field by hosting a summit will give you access to help more people.

Hello! I’m Janice

Founder and CEO

Over the past few years Introvert Media Lab has hosted and helped many organizations create sucessful summits. Covering everything from podcasting, to introversion, to mindset, to coaching, and more. One thing has been true for all of them. You grow your network, build your brand and make lifelong connections, but you can’t do it on your own!

"I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to be in your virtual event. I have heard some comments from people who listened to my interview which is great. Thank you for creating this. "


" Working with Janice helped my summit go off without a hitch!"