Content In A Day

Get expert-positioning content done; Just in a day

Position yourself as an expert with content created in a day.

Are you looking to effectively position yourself as an expert? Content In A Day will give you crisp content to help you position yourself as a highly sought-after expert. On the content creation day, we’ll work on all types of content, be it blogs, Facebook posts, or video and image captions for social media posts, anything…You’ll be shocked at what quality content (done just in a day!) can achieve in terms of building your image as an expert.



Audio Grams

Content Repurposing

LinkedIn Profile Refresh

Social Media Posts


Video Clips

Content Strategy

Does this sound like you?

You need content that will help your brand build trust. Content that will not only entertain but also educate your consumers about what you do and why you do it.

You’ve been thinking that your current brand identity is not well represented in the digital space.

So you want to build that expert image among your community but lack that exquisite content that will get you in front of more people.

Yes, maybe it’s  a bunch of blog posts, captions for social media images, or LinkedIn profile revamp.

Content In A Day was founded with all your content needs in mind because we know what a content masterpiece in a short turnaround time can do to your brand image. When you book me for a day, I get to fully focus on you and your content alone.

Content In A Day Investment $1,100 USD

Let’s Create Something

How It Works

Book time in my calendar 

Pick a time at least a couple of weeks out so you have enough time to do the pre-work and to get me access to everything I might need.

Pre Day of Check In

This is when we will discuss strategy for the content and make sure we have everything needed for the content creation day

Content Creation Day 

This is the day I create different types of content from blogs, to FB posts, to videos, to Social Media images all from the content you have provided.

Investment: $1,100 USD

Includes pre-day prep + strategy call + VIP content creation day  

Please note that you’re booking me for the DAY, not a set of deliverables. How much we can accomplish on the VIP content creation day truly depends on how responsive you can be and how thorough you are with any prep work I need. With that said, once I get in my zone, I’m good to go!

Why Content In A Day?



When you book me for a day, I block every other thing that may stop me from working on you and ONLY you. I avoid all the usual pitfalls of distraction, multi-tasking, and emergencies that may lead to lost momentum.

This approach leads to quicker and more effective content creation.

Say NO to projects dragging for weeks and months…Embrace content a day formula!



With my upfront pricing model, you will never receive an unexpected invoice from us. Everything is as straight forward. No waiting for an estimate or agreement to work on your content.



Content in a day is just that; content in a day!

When your team is busy building other areas of your business and you’re wondering how tons of contents will be delivered to meet your needs, you can’t afford to wait for weeks to get your content ready for your project launch. Having an in-house content team is not an option, because you want to maintain a lean manageable staff.

Just shorten the lead times by getting me on your content case (just in a day!)



This is a one-time working formula that will save you money and time.

There’s zero commitment! Since this is a one-time thing, you won’t have to worry about retainers and having enough work for me to do. If you like what I’ve done and have more work for me in the future, you can always book another day.

Let’s get going, and have that urgent content sorted in just under a day!

Make Your Content a Priority.

I certainly will.


What can you achieve in a single day?

My work is driven by my work ethic. I work extremely hard and fast. I’m known to do more in an hour than most people, but what I can achieve is dependent on the amount of work to be done, and its complexity. I will always be upfront and realistic with this information as we set to begin the work during our discovery calls. 

Do you do branding during this period?

No, I’m not a branding expert. But I work to reinforce your already existing brand through relevant content creation. So ensure you have your branding components, including preferred fonts, logos, taglines, etc. in place. It’s these branding components that we will use to create the contents you need to build on your brand image.

Is there a guarantee that the content you create will be effective?

Although various factors will determine the success of our content, one thing we can guarantee is the quality of our content. You may need to up your marketing strategies and promote your content to reap the full benefits of our content.

How flexible is your program? Can I reschedule?

As long as you give me at least 7 days notice you can reschedule your day for any other available dates as long as it is within 90 days from the original booking date.

Do I need to be on Zoom during the content creation day?

No. During the day we will communicate via a messaging app. You don’t have to be checking it all the time but once an hour should be fine.

Let’s Start a Conversation