Skilled Business Assistant

Your online business only works as hard as you do, right? Not quite. Your online business works because you work hard while delegating some of the more tiresome tasks to your team. And even if you are just starting out, having a business assistant will help to thwart burnout, help you get more organized, and boost morale when things are looking bleak.

Having a business assistant is a worthwhile investment that will only contribute to the success of your business. Read on to learn what skills a business assistant should have and how they might make running your business a little bit easier.

What Should Your Ideal Business Assistant Bring to the Table?

An ideal business assistant is someone who will support you as an equal. They will be able to help you shoulder some of the overwhelming pressure that comes from running a business. 

The ideal business assistant will be able to fill in your skills gaps without having to hire a new person for each task. We can imagine how overwhelming that might be to talk to so many different people in any given week as an introverted business owner. 

Whatever you need, your business assistant should be able to help you. Their skills should include things like software knowledge and scheduling and bookkeeping. When you hire a business assistant, you will want to make sure that they have the following skillset. A jack of all trades, so to speak.

Software Knowledge

They should have a basic knowledge of the software needed to run your company and be able to use it in day-to-day work. If they are unfamiliar with it, they are willing to learn how to use it. 

Verbal and Written Communication

A solid business assistant will have strong communication skills whether it is verbal or written. They should be creative and be able to create content for your website and blog. They should also be able to participate in meetings and provide valuable insight into running your business. 

Business Correspondence

They should be able to handle important business email writing. They should also be able to manage all of the related business correspondence. They will also be comfortable with stepping into the receptionist position to answer the phone or file certain forms. They can handle scheduling meetings and appointments for you. 

Attention to Detail

A good business assistant will pay attention to detail to catch the things that slipped through the crack on the first run-through. They can act as a second set of eyes overseeing everything that you do so that you don’t forget anything. They will be able to pick you up with you are struggling and motivate you to work through it.

Bookkeeping When Needed

Your ideal business assistant will be able to help you with the bookkeeping as needed. This can include payroll and accounts receivable. They would even be able to fulfill data entry needs.

A New Perspective/Much Needed Motivation

Your business assistant will bring other perspectives to the table. When you are running low on new ideas, they should be able to give some useful insight that can sprout a number of new ideas. They will be able to get you and your team motivated for the future.

Support to Prevent Burnout

Burn out is real. If you try to take on every aspect of running a business by yourself, you will find yourself burnt out in no time at all. It is extremely possible to avoid burnout. It’s all about balancing the workload with your other employees.

Expert Team in a Box

When you are considering hiring a business assistant for your online business, make sure you consider getting the Expert Team in a Box through us. Why should you try to find one person for the job, when you can outsource these jobs to us to save yourself from stress and burnout.

You really only need a team that is comprised of a copywriter, a graphic designer, a podcast editor, a webmaster, and a virtual assistant. With our Expert Team in a Box, you get all of this and you only have to talk to one person to get all of these jobs done. This person is Janice. She can’t wait to get you started with this innovative version of a business assistant.

So, how is all of this possible? When you team up with Introvert Media Lab Consulting, you will get services that include the following. We can help you set up goals for each quarter along with planning for content and marketing and other tasks that need to be included.

This is a work in progress. This Expert Team will be working on all of these goals and plans while you focus on running your business. You will have bi-weekly calls with your business coach, where you get one-on-one time to update your goals and tasks while further planning your business. 

At the end of every quarter, we will get together and go over all of the things that you and the team have accomplished. We will then take that information and begin to formulate the plan for the next quarter.

As long as you still need us, we will be available to help you with all of these tasks and goals. This makes us the perfect business assistant for your online business.

Get the Perfect Business Assistant Today 

Finding the right business assistant doesn’t have to be complicated. With Introvert Media Lab Consulting, you can have all of this with just a few clicks of a button and phone correspondence with your very own business coach and team manager. 

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us today to get your expert team in a box