If you are an introvert, you understand quiet power. The power of listening, the power of forging genuine relationships, the power of cutting through the noise and getting at the heart of things.

Well, many tech tools lend themselves to the introvert’s appreciation of what lies beneath. One of the biggest sleeping lions an introverted business leader can wield is a little tool called search engine optimization, or SEO.

This introvert SEO marketing guide explains how introverts can master SEO, naturally.

Introvert SEO Marketing

Ask any business leader; SEO is critical for business success. Whether your service is web-based or not, the ability for searchers to find you can mean life or death for your company. 

As we know it today, SEO has really only been around since, well, Google decided to invent it.

Other search engines exist. Yahoo, Bing, YouTube (which is one of the top de-facto search engines), and now, even ETSY, all employ some form of SEO. But for the most part, SEO is synonymous with Google. 

It is the Google algorithms that dominate search. As of December of 2020, Google controlled almost 92% of the global search engine market.

So how can introverted business leaders leverage SEO strategy to help their companies thrive? Here are the top three ways SEO as a digital marketing strategy fits perfectly within an introvert’s social wheelhouse.

1) SEO is Content

Over the past few decades, Google has taken consistent measures to weed out spammy, sketchy websites that attract users through misleading and underhanded techniques. To help high-quality, authoritative, helpful, and relevant websites thrive, Google has made its search algorithms smarter and smarter throughout the years. 

You may have heard of updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc. Google consistently releases a new algorithm update every few years. Read more for a complete history of Google algorithm updates.

Whether it’s a focus on semantics, local search, or mobile search, the updates are designed to reward websites that effectively and efficiently answer people’s questions. The reward? Appearing toward the top of a Google search. 

SEO is all about how your website is behaving as a valid resource within the web universe. If your content is fresh, relevant, and thorough, then you’ll be in tune with what the algorithms are looking for. In the end, you’ll be rewarded organically via more visitors. 

So what does all of this have to do with introverts? Well, at the heart of SEO is content

Content reigns supreme. And if there’s anything an introvert can do, it is to sit within the cozy confines of their desk and churn out content. 

Thoughtful, useful, keyword-rich content. At its core, content is about understanding a subject’s nature and communicating it clearly and effectively. Mostly we’re talking written content here, but it could just as soon apply to other forms of media as well. Images, videos, and even podcasts can all lend themselves to introspection. 

2) SEO is Technical

Aside from content, there’s a highly technical side of SEO as well. Whether it’s making sure all of your URLs are optimized or implementing a robot.txt file to disallow pages, there are a few specialized pieces of SEO that fit perfectly within an introvert’s personality. 

Perhaps the tech field, in general, attracts more introverts. If so, there is plenty that introverted business leaders can lose themselves in when it comes to technical SEO. Consider the following:

  • Site Speed
  • Backlink Building
  • Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions
  • Robot.txt Deployment
  • Site Map Construction
  • Page URL Optimization

If SEO is all of the “behind the scenes” of digital marketing, then technical SEO is even more behind the scenes than that! What better way to employ an introvert’s eye for detail than fine-tuning the SEO’s techie-er side?

3) SEO is Keywords

How people phrase what they’re looking for is a key aspect of SEO. Words matter and different would-be visitors to your site likely use different words and phrases to make their inquiries. 

As a result, keyword research is critical for any business leader looking to bolster their website’s SEO. As it turns out, introverted leaders may be well-positioned to do such research. 

While there are many awesome keyword research tools out there, it takes more than just a subscription to make the most of keyword research. An SEO expert needs a deep understanding of how their potential customers may be articulating what a company’s site has to offer. 

Surprise, surprise! The way you, a vested member of your team, or anybody else in your field would ask about your services is not necessarily how a newbie would. Joe average thinks about your service using the words he or she knows, often not the same words or lingo so familiar company insiders.

Introverts are known for having “perspective.” There’s something about the space introverts take socially that may give them a greater ability to understand different perspectives on any given topic. 

This can apply to keyword research as well. Understanding the variety of different ways people can ask questions about your industry will give you an advantage in integrating keywords into your content. Introverted business leaders are well-positioned for thinking outside that box.

At Introvert Media Lab Consulting, we take content seriously. We go to great lengths to research and SEO-optimize each article. Any content you order from us is guaranteed to be relevant and keyword-rich. When a potential customer searches for a problem you can solve for them, there’s no doubt you’ll land on their radar.

Introverts Do SEO

So how can an introverted business leader excel at SEO? By just doing it!

There’s no need to tweak your personality or painfully contort yourself into a wanna-be extrovert. You’re an introvert, and you love and crave people, just not in your face and all the time! 

Introverts are perfectly suited to the deep work of SEO. Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, hiring introvert SEO marketing may be the best decision you make for your company. 

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