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 The Ignite Introvert Business Program is a one-on-one, customized coaching program unlike any other. We will work together to unlock your leadership style, break though impostor syndrome and create a business that works the way you want it to

Why You Need My Business Coaching Services

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. 

As an entrepreneur, you may face burn out and need a little help growing your business. Whether you’re an IT consultant, doctor, or coach, we can help you set up systems to move your business forward. Here are some questions to test whether you need my business coaching services:

Are you trying to multitask but feel you’re being unproductive?

Are you an introvert tired of being told you have to run your business like an extrovert?

Are you unsure of how to manage a team?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you need to schedule an appointment.

The Framework

Pillar #1: 

Management of your energy.  Listening to your body for working times and energy management taking stock and paying attention to when you do your best work and what type of work that best work is. 

Pillar #2: 

Management of  your time. Systematizing your time management and creating a recharging tool box 

Pillar #3: 

Management of your business. Building or growing a business that works around you as a unique introverted individual. 

Pillar #4: 

Management of your mindset. Remove impostor syndrome. Celebrate your accomplishments. Harness the ability to bounce back and not over think decisions


What Topics Are Covered?

Session topics are custom curated to your business goals.

Here are some areas that I have covered with other leaders:


How to think like a CEO

Energy management as an introvert

Picking the right business for you

Setting boundaries

Impostor syndrome

Difficult conversations

Personal Branding

How does it work?

Kick off Call

30 minute video call to brain-dump your ideas, dreams and business questions on me!


2 coaching calls per month (45 mins each call)

These twice monthly calls with cureated topics will keep you moving towards your goals.


Your Voxer access

For the duration of the program, you’ll have private access to me during business hours where we can send voice messages. No more feeling alone and lost with day-to-day decisions.

Implementation and action steps

Following each call and each week, you will receive accountability check-ins with specific steps you can take that will propel you forward.

The Process

Through 1-1 coaching with Janice, she’ll help you focus on what’s most important. That way you can take back control of your time.

The process lasts a minimum of four months because long term relationship building is how introverts work best. Lifelong habits can’t be changed over night, and life happens and can slow down your progress.

After working together you will be confident in where your business is going.

Get Business Coaching for Introverts

From $750 USD per month

About Me

I have spent many years behind the scenes helping entrepreneurs run their business. From IT consultants, to coaches, to doctors. They all needed a little help to move their buiness forward. But there was also another pattern. They were all burnt out.

They had a business that could grow but they didn’t have the energy or systems set up to make that happen.

As a fellow introvert it made me so happy that I helped them not only create a thriving business but was instrumental in supporting them while they recovered from burnout.

I am that go to person when my friends need some business related advice. I have held the record for the longest running accountability circle amoung my peers

Basically I am and introvert, dependable, systems oriented and give great advice, so why don’t you let me help you too.


How long is the contract?

You pay month to month with a four month minimum as we aim to create a long term relationship with you.

How many 1:1 coaching sessions do I get?

You get two 45 minute sessions per month. These do not roll over.

What are the next steps?


Book A Call

Have a talk with Janice to make sure her coaching is a good fit for your business.



You sign the contract, activate your subscription and then we set up your 1:1 goal setting call

We Get To Work

Now we work togeher on the business you enjoy.

She was so helpful in every call we set up. I appreciated that she was so diligent with our time (considering we were greatly expediting the process) and she always explained things and answered my questions in an easy to understand and calm way. It made my entire team feel at ease, and she became a wonderful addition to the team. Thank you Janice for always listening to me and giving me your honest and best advice. We got to the finish line and it wouldn’t have happened without you. Forever grateful!!!!.”


She’s awesome. Detail oriented. Follows up like a star. Personable and willing to work with the goals/vision of the business. Hire her!


I love working with you because you give me clear direction on what to do, and it works!


My business is growing and I needed to set up a system to make the flow simple for clients and easy for me to do things in one place. I know what I needed but did not have the time to research it. Janice came in took the time to understand my business and how I work and designed a great system for me. It was great to have videos of what I needed to do so that I could get to grips with things on my schedule. I loved the walk through of click-Up, I knew it was a great tool but really needed someone to do a deep dive with me so that I didn’t have to go through hours of trial and error. Working with Janice was so easy as she took the time to understand the way I like to work and adapted to that.


Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.